Travel shock

Depending on the distance the wine has travelled it can suffer from ‘travel shock’.  Our advice would be to wait 24 hours after delivery before pulling the cork.


Nothing spoils a wine more than serving it at the wrong temperature.  Too warm and a red wine will lose all its finesse and freshness and too cold and a white wine will lose all its aromas and flavours.  The ideal temperature for each of our wines is indicated beside each wine.

Decanting or not?

Pretty much all red wines can benefit from a breathing period in a decanter or a jug, especially young wines. Not only is serving a wine in a decanter visually appealing, it helps the wine release all its aromas.

Wine and Food

The basic rule for this – there is no rule!  Although traditionally white wine with fish and beware not to ruin a wine with spicy food – roses and sauvignon blanc work well here.